YouTube Partner Program has updated it’s requirements to be apart of the program. Meaning no advertisement to newer channels that haven’t reached the milestones set by the YouTube team. I don’t think it’s a huge deal. And these are my thoughts and reasons:

YouTube has made further restrictions to the YPP, the YouTube Partner Program. Last year they introduced the requirement to reach 10,000 YouTube Video views in order to join the Partner program. Just recently they made the announcement that further restrictions were required. Those requirements for monetization and joining the partner program are having 4000 Hours of watch time on your channel in the last year, and having 1000 Subscribers.

I believe this could be discouraging to smaller YouTube creators and channels. But I also believe it’s not a huge deal for a number of reasons. In YouTubes announcement blog about the change, they mentioned that it’s goal was to eliminate some who were abusing the program and not following the guidelines. They want to improve the situation by the further requirements. I believe that can help to do it.

But they also described the channels that are affected by the change. 99% of the channels are unable to receive $100 for a year. and over %90 make less than $2.50 in the past month. -$100 is actually the minimum to get paid through Google Adsense, meaning that these channels probably haven’t even seen a check or payout from Adsense yet. And if they are making $2.50 a month they need to achieve that for 40 months in order to receive their first $100.
2.50 is not a huge deal most people spend that on a coffee 3 or 4 times a week or more.
Instead of focusing on receiving that 2 or 3 dollars it helps creators to just focus in on what actually matters. That being building their channels, making their videos, making fun and entertaining videos, building their communities.
the 4000 Hours of watch time and 1000 Subscribers is a nice Milestone to reach, and since you’re focused on the more important aspects of the channel, when you do reach these milestones and can be approved to the YouTube Partner program you will make more the $2.50, you’ll make a decent revenue from your videos and channel.

Your channel will likely be better not having focused on the numbers instead of the community as well.