Welcome back to my 22nd vlog about my life here in South Korea, Seoul. This time i met some of my Youtube friends and we went to Mangwon to eat some delicious All you can eat Unlimited Korean BBQ. Alex from 미국친구 Michin Alex, Hugh from My Korean Husband, Nancy from Fancy Nancy TV, Yoojin from Dingtube and my new crazy friend Paul from 폴서울 PaulSeoul join me on this Korean BBQ madness. We ate really a lot of meat, especially Samgyeopsal (삼겹살), Moksal (목살) and Usamkyeopsal (우삼겹을) and also drunk some Soju together. It is really fun to hang out with more people, this is definitely something i enjoy a lot being here in Korea. Getting together, eat together, drink and have fun together. And especially when you hang out with other Youtubers in Korea. Lots of cameras and madness! We really had a great time and I am really glad, that Alex, Hugh, Nancy, Yoojin and Paul joined me on this BBQ. Usually I am not sooo much into Unlimited / All You Can Eat buffets but this one here in Mangwon was really good. Delicious Korean BBQ!

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