HEY!!!!!! What’s going on you guys??!?!?! Garren your YouTube Vlogger here in Korea!!!!! Last night was amazing! YouTube meet ups in Korea are always a blast. I get to meet all my friends from YouTube and enjoy the night away. We had an awesome venue this time. At the 3rd Space in Gangnam Seoul was a great host. The crowd was packed! So many new faces and enthusiastic new content creators. I was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness meeting new people and creating an awesome network with so many people. Shout out to Hugh from “MyKoreanHusband” for pulling off an amazing event. Free food, drinks, entrance, music, dancing, and enjoyable company? What more could you ask for? Someday I’ll grow up and learn to be more like Hugh 😉
I met so many YouTubers here in Korea. This is just a small list of some I could remember:

Michin Alex
Stealthy Dani in Korea
Traveling Nat
Mika in Korea
Johnny Yoon

Also at the beginning of this video I talked about my day after work. We had a chance to go and watch our schools teacher’s volleyball team go up against another school. We had to cheer and drum and scream. It was a great time. They put me on the drum and I got the crowd pumped with my awesome drumming skills (Not, really. It was just my first time). Anyway it was moderately enjoyable. Then after that, we split off as a smaller group and went to get some Bing-su!!! Can’t go wrong with Bing-su from Sulbing. I love that place!!!