A few weeks ago I got to head to Seoul to hang out with some amazing youtubers for a Youtube MT. If you guys don’t know what an MT is, it stands for membership training. Now they say membership training because the goal is to become closer to the people you are in a group with. But, the definition I think it has is a retreat where you and a bunch of people drink a lot of alcohol and become closer through fun drunkness. It might not sound that great but it really does help you to become closer. If you don’t want to drink, you really don’t have to but it is a part of the culture. In university, they usually have MT within major departments and clubs. I think they are wonderful have created so many wonderful memories and friendship through MT
This MT was a bit different though because most of us were foreigners. And, to top it all off, we all had our cameras out. I got to meet and talk with so many amazing people! It was so much fun. I had such a great time talking with Youtubers who are similar to my channel size and channels who were a lot bigger. I didn’t show it but they gave me a lot of really great advice when I started to sober up. Actually this is the reason I have become more serious about my uploads now!

Getting off a serious note, we had so much fun not only at our MT, but also another clubs MT that was right next to our pension. When it was getting late, people from our MT started heading to bed but the music just seemed to get louder at the other MT so a group of us headed over there. It was crazy! They had like a club party going on over there! We got our dance on and got to meet some pretty cool people. I ended up crashing at 3 AM but I heard that party went on until about 4-5AM. They were really about partying all night long.
Anyways I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed being there. Thanks for watching~