Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great week! Michael Anthony Coleman and I were playing Friday the 13th The Game again. We always have a lot of fun while playing with a bit of frustration as well. There are still a lot of things that need to be fixed but the creators of the game are working on it as fast as they can. They said they weren’t expecting so many people to jump on board as fast as we did.

I say that’s a good problem to have. However, that does cause some issues when trying to find a server to play on and not getting into rooms. But again, it’s being worked on.

In fact, they just released a tweet about an update coming up today! I can’t wait to download it and get the free outfits for the different counselors and the retro Jason!

I’m sure Mike and I will be playing at some point this weekend as well which I normally stream. If you are interested in watching the stream, you can check out my Twitch account. I can be found by searching for “yoonjohnny”. Stop by and give me a comment. If you can’t watch the stream, I also post the clip on YouTube. It’s always fun to watch us scream as Jason appears behind us then immediately begin laughing.

Also, if you have a Playstation 4 and want to play with us, we are always looking for people to play with. One thing about the game is that it’s good to communicate. So, it’s certainly much more fun to play with friends as not everyone on the inter-web uses a mic.

Check out our newest episode and let me know what you think.