What are the Christmas presents we should avoid, especially when it is your boyfriend or girlfriend? In this video I interviewed different people in Hongdae asking what were the gifts they ever received from their boyfriend or girlfriend that they didn’t really like.
From socks to low quality gadgets were some of the responses. Sometimes in a rush we don’t really think of the likes and dislikes of people. This video could help you if you are still deciding what kind of present you should buy your boyfriend or girlfriend.
I made two different parts of the video. First one was what present do they expect from their boyfriend or girlfriend in 2017? And this is the second part where you could see the presents that people thought were not according to their expectation.
Men and Women are different. Sometimes from Men’s perspective may be that is the right present but it could be rude or not the right present. Same goes for girls. As you would see in the video some guys mentioned that they received flowers or pens from their girlfriends. Now that might be romantic for girls but it was a turn off from men’s perspective.
I would also appreciate if you are reading this article or watching this video your comment would be appreciated. That will not only help me but also people who struggle when it comes to choose a present. Plus I would also appreciate if you could give some constructive criticism about how I could make these interviews more informative yet interesting.