Looking for some fun during your time in Seoul? Then look no further than LOTTEWORLD!! In this video you will get to follow my friends and I as we take our first trip to Korea’s awesome amusement park! Located at the Jamsil subway station, LotteWorld holds the world record as the largest indoor theme park, and will not fail to disappoint. It houses an indoor skating rink, a trick-eye museum, an aquarium, as well as rides and attractions for people of all ages. Maybe you just want to relax and watch a show, or want to experience something new like a Virtual Reality ride–you can find it all here!

In today’s video you will see some of the attractions that we visited, as well as some of the food we got to eat (because what is any trip in Korea without food..?!). Making an encore appearing in my videos are Mayuko and Kanako, our friends who were visiting from Japan! We spent a decent amount of time here, so I would say plan adequate time, because most of your time will be spent waiting in lines. The upside to this is that LotteWorld is much cheaper than other amusement parks of comparable size and popularity, so you don’t have to feel bad about splurging on churros, or cute hairpins that you’ll see everyone wearing.

One saver’s tip: you can get your tickets at a discounted price if you buy them using a WooriBank card. They apparently have different discounts depending on which type of card you have, so be sure to ask about it! In my group, I was the only one who had the WooriBank card, but I was able to get a very generous discount for my own ticket (it ended up being about 17,800won), as well as a partial discount for my two Japanese friends (their tickets were around 28,000won). They limit the full discount to one person, but they allow you to use the partial discount for up to three additional people.

You can find more videos on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ShFX6d450qUGzMlGVl_8Q
Thanks for watching!