So I have taken a long break from youtube because of lack of internet and the craziness of midterms but I finally uploaded today! So happy to finally be vlogging again. I wanted to continue the videos I recorded from my first week at a korean university. As a transfer student, I don’t know a lot about how Korean schools work so I was very nervous to start school. Unfortunately I found out that 2 of my morning classes were canceled. So, intent of going to school, I decided to meet up with a friend and have lunch. We ate a very Korean style lunch together. After that we walked a little bit around campus and were able to see the some of the tents for the upcoming club festival (which will be in my next video.)
After a very uneventful day, I went with my friend to the gym. As one of my new years resolutions, I decided that I wanted to workout more. It’s impossible for me to avoid it since there is a gym right in the dorms which is free to students living there. So you can see our first day of working out and hopefully see our progress in the upcoming videos.
Lastly we went and had a very “healthy” dinner of chicken before heading back home for the night. Not too much going on but still a great day and many more to come from my university life here in Korea~~