Hi! This week, I made a tutorial about how to refresh work makeup to party makeup! Usually my everyday work makeup routine includes minimal products because I have to get it done within 10 minutes. Few days ago, I had to attend a dinner party after work. I have to work till 6 PM, which means it’s already dinner time then! So, if I have to attend a dinner party afterwards, re-doing whole makeup from scratch is neither an option, nor possible for me. But I found a way to refresh my makeup, and I did attend the party in time on that day! That’s when I felt like may be sometimes other women also go through this situation. Following six simple steps you can refresh your work makeup to party glam:

First: take a wet beauty blender and bounce it around your face. It will absorb the excess oil that has been produced by your skin all day long.

Second: take some primer, and blend it nicely.

Third: put some concealer only on the areas that need attention.

Fourth: bake, contour, blush & highlight!

Fifth: eyebrows and eyes! This is an optional step, it depends upon your choice of makeup style. I’m all about dramatic makeup when it comes to party, so I did a glitter half cut crease and worked on my eyebrows again.

Sixth: Lipstick!

Be careful to not to make it cakey. It’s really common when you apply one product over another. You will find more details on the tutorial! Hope you would enjoy!