Amanda and I attended the video contest about Seoul tour by #onemoretrip. I want to introduce Seoul(Korea) with main 3 subtitles, Tradition, Food, and People. And I used all videos I have taken. We are so glad we decided to make this one, because this video made us feel that we have so many good memories here, and excited to have more ones in the future. Even though It was very hard to tell everything in a minute, we are so satisfied with our works! Welcome to Seoul!

This is why you should travel to Seoul in Korea. Seoul is the heart of Korea.

I feel like Seoul has become a good friend of mine.
Everyday it welcomes me with high energy and an abundance of new things to do and places to explore. Korea will captivate you with its closeness to nature and its deep cultural roots. From wearing its vibrant traditional hanbok clothing, visiting temples and palaces, enjoying traditional Korean arts, and viewing its many clear waters and ancient mountains, everyone is welcome to experience its rich traditions.
Korean cuisine is so unique and wonderful. Its street food is made with love, and served to you with expert hands. The variety of flavors is something you can’t even imagine without trying it first hand. Its seafood is some of the freshest I’ve ever tasted. After trying its exquisite traditional food, one bite will make you wanting more. The people I have met here have become my family. They are the true heart of Seoul, and I will always remember them.

Producer: Den oh / Narrator: Amanda Field