We answer some questions from Twitter and Facebook. A question and answer video is the easiest video to do at the moment with a new baby. In this video we talk about being new parents and why we make videos. We always want to show the positives about being international and intercultural and that is even more relevant now that we have a child. He will be bi-lingual and bi-cultural. We will document our journey as much as we can.

Both of us are adjusting to being parents and being an international family. For example, in this video Hugh talks about how he takes care of things like appointments and organizing everything as he is Korean and these things can be complicated to deal with in Korea. We also talk about who we think will be the stricter parent.

The last question we answer is about Korean drinking culture and how it affects marriages. It’s something that affects not just international couples but Korean couples as well, but it can be very difficult when it’s a big cultural difference for a partner. In our marriage we’ve worked out a balance and we believe there is middle ground where you can try to fit into the culture but also care about your relationship and family. Hopefully there will be more changes in Korea where bosses won’t be allowed to manipulate workers to drink for so long after work. It’s definitely something to be aware of if you are living in Korea, or have a Korean partner.

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