When it comes to teaching English abroad, every person has their own personal reasons why they would want to make such a big move. For some, it’s a means to work a job that provides them a low cost of living so they can save. For others, it’s an opportunity for them to immerse themselves into Korean society and to learn a new language. Whatever the reason is, teaching English in Korea is one of the best opportunities to experience Korea’s vibrant and rich culture while making an impact in the lives of students.

In this video, I share 10 reasons why anyone interested in teaching abroad should teach English in South Korea. A few highlights from the video include the chance to save money while living rent-free. This is a great reason for those looking to save some money every month (or have more money to spend). Another great reason to teach in South Korea is the country’s location. With Korea’s proximity to other nearby countries like Japan, China, or Hong Kong, it can make traveling to other Asian countries accessible and affordable.

One of my personal favorite reasons for teaching english in Korea is that it challenges your perspective. Whenever you experience a culture that is different from the culture you grew up in, you are most certainly going to be faced with a perspective that differs from yours. Coming to Korea to experience a different culture can allow you to see the world through the lens of another culture. This is awesome because it helps you to not only empathize with the people of that culture, but helps you to connect with people on a deeper level.

For more reasons on why anyone should teach English in South Korea, be sure to watch the video!