What’s up everyone! Living abroad sounds like a fairy tale for many people. A big adventure, living the dream of a free spirit, doing something that most people don’t have the guts for. Happy pictures popping up on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform. But is it showing reality? Do people from home really understand what it takes to take the step to live abroad? Many times people believe that I chose the easy way, and that I am trying to stretch or escape the responsibilities of living a normal life according the expectation of others (fixed job, buy a house, no risks). But I argue otherwise, settling down somewhere else takes courage and hard work to make it work. It’s not always as easy as it seems. You have to adapt to everything that is new, learn the language, find new social circles, integrate, and deal with the expectations from your home country. In this video I share with you my experience on this while living in Seoul, where I truly want to be and where I want to chase my ambitions. As a side note, living abroad, opens your mind and makes you understand the world a little better. Hopefully you guys affiliate with what I say! Would like to know if so or not. With this video I wanted to dispel the myth that living in a different country is not always sun shine and rainbows. Cheers & Happy Holidays to you all. Bart