In today’s video I will explain why I don´t go to the jimjilbang, the Korean sauna. It is something that I actually really like. I really love saunas, spas, and anything in between. It is so relaxing I could spend hours in there but in South Korea I don’t go to saunas because of that one reason… which is becoming really annoying. I would love to enjoy the Korean sauna experience but it just isn’t possible for me.

As you may know, in some countries people go to saunas fully naked and in others they don’t. In Spain for example, my home country, both men and women share the same space but they use swimming suits. In other countries, for example, in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, etc, both men and women may go to saunas fully naked and they can naturally share the same space (not always though). That is not the case in South Korea. In Korean saunas people walk around naked but it is not a mixed environment. Some people have issues with that or they feel uncomfortable, at least the first few times they go there. However, that is not an issue for me but so far I have always experienced something that keeps repeating itself and it ends up ruining my experience. I will explain it in this video!!

What’s your experience? Did you have the same issue? or maybe you didn’t have it? How did you like the Korean sauna? Let us know in the comments section below and if you liked our video do not forget to subscribe! And SHARE IT!