We revisit another comic from our My Korean Husband blog! These comics are always from real life incidents and nudity at home is a regular occurrence! There have been many other comics that have shown Hugh naked or just in his underwear. I do really worry that one day he will accidentally post something bad on Instagram!
As we mentioned in the video, Korea has ondol heating, which is underfloor heating. Many houses/apartments also don’t even have sofas, so a lot of living in done down on the floor. When the floor is so nice and warm it makes sense to not wear many clothes.
Koreans can also be quite comfortable with nudity as well because of public baths and they are used to seeing many diverse types of body shapes. Also Korean homes tend to be much smaller with a lot more combined living space which means Korean families are used to living in a way where there isn’t as much privacy.
In many western cultures there can be more shame when it comes to nudity, which can be unfortunate. Koreans usually have no problems with changing clothes in front of friends (and also being naked with them in public baths) but it’s something that makes a lot of westerners uncomfortable.
However, I do wish that Hugh would put clothes on for meal times! Sometimes a little bit of mystery is nice in a marriage!
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