When there is no kimchi?!
In these videos we revisit some comics from the blog. This one was quite old! Several years ago and when we were in Australia. As Hugh mentioned in the video, when he is in Australia he feels like he needs to eat kimchi with every meal, but when back in Korea he can happily go without it. These days we only eat kimchi a few times a week. It also depends if we have kimchi at home. At the moment we only have super old kimchi that can only be used to things like kimchi jiggae. Most Korean homes have kimchi on the table for every meal though. It’s an integral part of Korean food.
I like fresh kimchi best, though plenty of people love old sour kimchi. For me, the best kimchi is the kimchi at ‘kimjang’ which is when Korean families spend a day or 2 making copious amounts of kimchi. Since kimchi is fermented it lasts for a long time. I prefer the freshly made kimchi though so I eat the most on kimjang days.
I have made kimchi before, but in Australia when it wasn’t easy to get in my home town. In big cities like Sydney there are plenty of places to get kimchi. Though store bought kimchi tends to have more preservatives, so homemade kimchi is healthier. The first attempt at making kimchi can be overwhelming but it is satisfying. I recommend reading a bunch of different recipes and watching some videos before attempting it.

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