Welcome home Daddy!

Hugh was in Europe for 2 weeks! This was the first time he’d been away from our son for this long. Although he had fun, he missed us a lot. Since our son Yul (Teddy) is only 5 months old I was curious how he’d react to his father coming home. He was a bit confused and shy at first but soon realised who it was.

The day after Hugh came home he spent the whole day with Yul and went to our friend’s place (even though he was suffering from jet lag!). Hyunwoo (from ‘Talk to me in Korean’) also has a son called Yul who is a similar age. Though as his other son Joon pointed out in the video, our Yul doesn’t have as much hair as their Yul!

We also went for Korean BBQ as Hugh was craving Korean food after not eating it for 2 weeks. There is a great local place in our neighbourhood.

Now it’s been a few days since Hugh has been back in Korea, things are back to normal and I wonder if Yul realises that his father was even away.

As Hugh mentioned in the video, we will travel to Australia soon and it will be Yul’s first time in Australia! He has Australian citizenship already but has never been. We will vlog our time there so stay tuned for videos about that.

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