Have you even been to Jeonju? One of the most popular cities among tourists and locals in South Korea. It is famous not only for the traditional atmosphere, but for the amazingly delicious food as well.

We went to Jeonju few weeks ago and stayed there for 2 days. In a short time span we were able to try many different things – try on Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), play with our drone for the first time and almost lose it, try some street food in Jeonju night market, hang out in the rooftop cafe and win a cute Muzi doll from the claw machine.
Even though our shedule was a little bit hectic and we were extremely tired after the trip, the memories we brought back were definitely worth it!

Also, Agata was finally able to meet adorable and lovely Guy’s younger sister, who helped us filming the video and taking the pictures. It was party date, party a family meeting, which was unforgettable for all 3 of us. Almost losing our drone after it flew up to high, added up to the experience for sure! We cannot even express that adrenaline flow we felt at the moment. Can you guess how it turned out?

This video is a little bit longer than our previous vlog attempts, but we hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming and editing it.

Also, let us know in the comments, what would be one thing you would like to do in Jeonju and why? Would you go to the same places we did or would you choose a different shedule?
If you have already been to this city, what impressed you the most?

Sorry for delay in uploads and thank you for watching, as always!