Soyanggang Skywalk in Chuncheon is an observatory facility, where can literally walk on the top of the water!
The observation deck is 174m long and the glass is only about 4cm thick! It can make your experience feel a little bit extreme, but don’t worry – it is completely safe! Also, it is 7,5 meters above the water too! it might be a bit scary if you are afraid of heights.

The skywalk is within a walkable distance from Chuncheon station, so I just simply recommend walking there on your own. This way you can enjoy the beautiful weather and clean air, which is much less polluted than in Seoul!

The entrance fee is 2,000 Korean won (~2$), but they also give you a coupon of the same amount to spend in the area. We used it for coffee after adding 1 dollar each! It was totally worth it on a cold winter day!

When you enter skywalk, you are not allowed to wear high heels and every visitor also must wear shoe covers to protect the glass. You are supposed to put them on when you enter and leave them in the same place upon departure.

Also, to make it even more exciting to my fellow Korea drama fans – “Switch: Change the world” was filmed here! Jang Geun Suk was there! So if you are a fan, this place is a must- go for you!

Later, we also went to a lovely mural village nearby! I can bet you have not visited there before!!

To learn more about this awesome place, I recommend you check out our Vlog! We also added some drone footage there, so I am pretty sure you can find a tiny bit to enjoy at least a little bit!