Have you ever wondered what it’s like to slip into the beautiful and traditional hanbok of Korea? Nowadays it’s really popular for Koreans and tourists alike to go out with their friends, on dates or with their families and have a fun photo session at the stunning palaces in Seoul. The one shop I really trust with beautiful hanbok is One Day Hanbok located outside of Anguk station.
When you enter the facility you must take off your shoes and an attendant will guide you to the sizes best for you. As a woman, you have a large selection of hanbok to choose from. Each hanbok is gorgeous and it’s impossible not to spend a long time mixing and matching. At the shop, you’re provided with two fittings. Our attendant was so kind because my friend Delphine (Koreanddicted) were so indecisive. It cost about 17,000 won to rent the hanbok because we added the wire underskirt to make the skirt pop more. After you finish getting fitted you then add hair accessories and handbags. I like how they provide bobby pins, straighteners and large mirrors to help you look your best.
After spending over an hour in the shop, we were on our way to Gyeongbokgung and the Secret Garden. Out of all the places to take photos, I think these are the most scenic. Bring your best camera and tripod because this will be memories you make for a lifetime. P.s. You should totally check out Delphine’s channel because she’s so funny and silly. She makes amazing videos on Korean life.