Have you ever wondered about how kids in Korea have fun? Well, there are many places set up in Korea where they can have a good time. I mean, not just arcades, but places that are made just for kids to have fun. Most of these places have a set fee for the children and sometimes the adult must pay as well, or they are required to buy a meal or drink. Usually, the cost is half the price of the child’s cost. If you must purchase food, then it can be more expensive and not worth the cost for the facility.
We were very blessed to be given a free two-hour coupon to this location because I had been there two times trying to find out when they would open, but each time they were still under construction (opening date was supposed to be in December). The last time, two weeks before opening, the manager was putting the sign up and saw me stop to take a picture of it. He then came out and said that he was sorry that they weren’t opened yet and handed me the coupon. Talk about a great gift! It was for 2 hours! I still had to pay the adult price, but that was only 8,000 won ($7.52).
In this video you can watch as Lily practically tries to drain the life out of me. I am always grateful for her energy because she keeps me active, but boy was this tough. We both took a very long nap after this. Go check out what kind of place could be so exhausting.