Hi guys! It’s Cari, back with another awesome cafe you should visit if you’re here in Seoul. The cafe is called Peach Gray and is located near Jamsil, where you can also find Lotte World and the new Lotte Sky Tower (which is waaay too high for me). The cafe is pretty normal with you typical drinks, lots of flowers, and a minimalist interior, but when you get your tray of food, you will be amazed!

The cafe gives each person a try filled with watercolor paints along with a watercolor brush pen and paper! You’re able to paint the day away while you sip on coffee or eat their seriously delicious pancakes!

I went on a Saturday morning right when they opened and I was the only one there for a while, but another friend went around 5pm on a Sunday and there was apparently a line of people waiting! So if you’re going to visit this watercolor cafe, I highly suggest getting there early unless you want to wait. It just recently opened so its becoming a trendy spot – for good reason of course!

After spending about two hours eating and painting, I headed to the other side of Seoul to visit the Seoul Museum of Contemporary and Modern art, one of my favorite museums in Seoul! The weather is really heating up here so I hope to show you much more of summery Seoul soon. Thanks as always for watching and I added all the details about Peach Gray in the description box of my video!