What’s going on YouTube?! Garren your YouTube vlogger here in Korea!
Just a typical day today. After work went to the theater to watch Wonder Woman! I was happy because it was perfect timing from when I arrived to the theater when the movie started. I bought my ticket at the kiosk ticketing machine. I love those machines because they are so convenient. No more need for a ticket seller anymore. Another reason why I love Korea. Also, you can buy your specific seat. I’ve always been amazed with that ever since I came to this country and till today I am still amazed.

Anyways, my short review of the movie? It was great! Probably my most favorite super hero movie of this year so far. And yes, I’ve seen Spiderman Homecoming. Not saying that Homecoming wasn’t great! Just Wonder Woman was better in my opinion. The action was cooler. Wish there was more though. I need to stop watching the trailers of good movies. If I plan to watch something I should just avoid all trailers. Also, after the movie, I went out to work out. Played some games of basketball and headed home. Not a bad day πŸ™‚

Also, I have already received my Acton Blink S board (my new toy! an electric skateboard) It’s been a great buy and fun to ride. I hope to make more vlogs while riding it sometime. If you want a discount or just check it out, I’ve linked it below. It’s so convenient especially in a country like this where you have to walk everywhere.