Seeing the My Korean Husband comic book being printed!

We got the chance to see the comic book being printed. I have been making comics about our intercultural life together for several years and now many are finally being printed for the Korean audience. Our publishing company has been very busy translating and putting the book together. It finally went to print and I was keen to actually see the process. It was fascinating because although I knew the overall concept of printing, I didn’t know that much about how it all works.
The printing company is a family owned company and we were shown the process by the owner’s son. He was passionate about the printing process and I was so impressed with the attention to detail. Our designer was checking the colours and brightness and adjustments were made. We saw the cover and some of the inside pages being printed.
The size and shape of the book is very similar to other comic books on the Korean market. There is a certain style that my editor and designer made sure to follow so that my book caters to the Korean audience. My editor also picked out the comics and the order of them. Not everything translates well from one language to another so there were a lot of changes.
We’ve been working hard on this book and lots of people seem excited about it. Especially about talking about intercultural marriage in a positive way. Some of the best feedback we’ve had over the years through the blog and Youtube channel is when people have told us that were previously negative about multiculturalism, but now they have changed their mind.

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