Sup my Soul Fam! So I have been ill for the best part of a few days for the first time since my arrival to Korea (you guys finally got me! D:) with a nasty bout of fever/ the dreaded cold but now I am back and (just about) in action with another video!

This time I am going a bit left field with a magazine review- 1st Look! This is basically your typical fashion magazine with a lot of influences from Europe in terms of style and beauty (and models. Most people featured were all Caucasian apart from one picture of AOA’s Jimin) but it wasn’t the magazine itself that I cared about but moreso the featuring of super group of the moment, Wanna One (yes, this is another Wanna One post but it is topical as Korea is talking about them a LOT!)

This was their first magazine shoot (pre debut) and the first time that this came out, it sold out everywhere within minutes, including online! I went to work the next day to check if any of the bookstores had restocked copies (I work in Jongno) but all three of them, including Kyobo in Gwanghamun which is the biggest bookstore in Korea, had them listed as sold out. I was only lucky when Online stores decided to have a second wind and restock them online. But with so many fans and so limited publishing I am pretty sure that this will be a rare and valuable item in time.

So here is my review. Also, I am doing a giveaway of a copy of Wanna One x 1st Look because I managed to bag myself TWO copies of the mag! It’s quite simple really, subscribe to Soul to Seoul, watch the video and answer the question by leaving a comment on the video. And a soon to be very rare magazine can be yours!