Hello everyone! This is Gyu and Agata!

Usually, if we film outdoor vlogs, we like visiting new places in Seoul and around it and showing them in our Vlogs for our friends in Korea and Lithuania, as well as for our viewers! There is so much to explore in Korea and also new places are opening up everytime, so instead of staying very regular, we tend to go somewhere new every time.

Recently, Oil Tank Culture park near World Cup Stadium was opened to a public eye and since both of us really like history, we have decided to visit there as well.

Oil Tank Culture park is a repurposed Oil Depot, whichs’ original purpose was terminated after Korea overcame the Oil Crisis of 1974 and 1979. Seoul Goverment have decided to transform it into an enviroment-friendly place and let people learn more about its importance.

In addition to this, it serves its new purpose as a drama filming set. One of the recebt Korean dramas “The Korean Odyssey” has some scenes filmed in one of the pavillions of the Oil Tank Culture park. Do you remember those scenes where Son Ogong (played by Lee Seung-gi) has convesations with his buddies in the huge Heavens on Earth room, where he later breaks a table? Yes, those scenes were filmed here! If you are fan of this drama, you should definetelly visit! Since it is comparatively new and has some cool looking landscapes, we are pretty sure that more and more movies and dramas will be also filmed here in the future.

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