I am biracial; Korean and black. My mother is Korean, born and raised, and my father is African American. After marrying, mom moved to USA with dad where I was born and raised. As I grew, my family and I attended Korean churches. This grew my curiosity for my Korean culture and family. That is why I decided to move to Korea. I am now here as an English teacher. My sister and I came together. This provides an easier and great opportunity for us to afford trips for my mom to visit her family back here in South Korea. We sent her here once before for a few weeks. The second time was January and February of 2017. She was able to stay for about a month and a half! It was a great time! While she was here we were able to visit many members of the family, eat lots of foods, and visit many places! During the New Year, or Seolnal, we visited my grandparent’s grave! We do it every year, but it was special this year because mom was able to join us. It was interesting and very fun. Mom prayed over the grave and we sang songs! After paying our respects, we went to the tents to enjoy some Korean food together. It was a great time, even though the weather was a big gloomy. Any time spent with family is time well spent! I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed the actual event.