The lovely spring weather coming also brings the stress of classes starting, visa renewal, and working on that summer body. I dealt with all these things in this video. We start off by waking up super early in the morning (early Becky time) to go the the PC room. Why do I need to go to the Pc room at such an early time? What does it have to do with my class sign ups? Well it turns out, the PC rooms have some of the fastest wifi in Korea and if you want to make sure you get the classes you want, you need to have that fast wifi. So, In Korea, the sign up starts with registering for the classes and then actually signing up for them. It is a very competitive process that starts at 8:30. The seniors go first, followed by underclassmen in the following days. It was super important for me to get the classes I registered for because they are needed in order for me to graduate on time. I only got 3 of the 4 classes I wanted but don’t worry! I talked about a switch day and if you follow me in instagram, you would have seen I actually got all the classes I needed.

After that, it was a quick stop at the post office, then off to get the documents that I needed to renew my visa. The paperwork that you need isn’t too difficult to get because they can all be picked up at one machine. There is no wait but there is a small fee. It is super convent to not have to wait for the school to print off the office documents so it was nice.

And of coarse, how can I end a day without working out? I went and did my regular 1 hour class and a little work afterwards. This was pretty much a normal day in my life in Korea. If you want to see more, check out my channel~
Thanks for watching~