What’s it like being a vegetarian or vegan in South Korea? Join me and my friends from KISG (Korean International Social Gathering) in episode 2 of the ‘Exploring Daejeon’ series as we explore the Daeheungdong (대흥동) and Eunhaengdong (은행동) districts in Daejeon for some good vegetarian eats. We visited a well-known hole in the wall restaurant named Jinro Jib (진로집) that is famous in Daejeon for it’s Dubu Duruchigi (두부두루치기), which is a delicious fried tofu dish cooked in spicy sauce and vegetables. Paired it with some refreshing Makeolli (막걸리) and we were in heaven.

During our meal, we discuss with Kate about what it’s like being a vegetarian in Korea. Kate has been a vegetarian for many years and gives other vegetarian and vegans tips on how to survive as a vegetarian in Korea. She’s lived here for two years and has been able to navigate through all the meat heavy restaurants to find vegetarian dishes that works for her. She offers several tips, such as learning some simple Korean phrases like “I’m a vegetarian” or “Can you please take the meat out?” Also, a great tip for foreigners who move or visit Korea that are vegetarians are to not demand things from any restaurant or establishment, but to be patient. Unlike many countries in the west, Korea isn’t as vegan or vegetarian friendly as a whole. But there are many places opening up in Seoul that are offering tasty vegan and vegetarian friendly alternatives.

Also, join us for some coffee afterwards as we offer some tips of what you can do in this districts if you ever come to visit!