A new vegan spot has opened in Hongdae, and on one sunny day, I decided to finally check what the deal of this place is; and wow, let me tell you – it’s organic, vegan, Korean-styled, food spot.

The place itself is located not far from exit 1 of Hongdae station, It called Café Sun or “Sun Café”, depends who you’re asking. In the video’s description you could find the address on naver maps, so you won’t get lost. I loved that the place is located in Hongdae, to be honest, with the Jack’s bean closed; it wasn’t a very vegan friendly area. NOW, however, HURRAY. Let’s go hongdae for shopping and food, I’m in.

As for the food itself, it was SO good. Really, all the products are organic, so the food is very fresh. Another bonus is that it’s an open kitchen, so you can actually watch as the owner prepares your food. I liked how it’s very simple, and feels home-like.

When I was there, I tried the soy milk perilla seeds pasta, which looks just like cream pasta, and it was JUST perfect, exactly how I like it. Their rice with soybean paste was also very good, and their drinks – whoo! So yum! The green tea frappuccino was 10/10, for real.

PROs – location, organic, vegan, food is GOOD.
CONs – limited options, and uh, that’s it.

I will be going back for sure, and I totally recommend this spot for vegans, and for non-vegans that feel like having a healthy, whole-hearted, Korean-style food.