Valentine’s Day in South Korea is pretty exciting for guys because usually girls give something to guys. However, what about the people who are single on Valentine’s Day. Imagine walking on the street on Valentine’s Day. Couples walking holding hands, hugging, kissing, and exchanging gifts. What would you do? How do you feel?

So in this interview of mine I asked people what is their advice for single people on the Valentine’s Day. I went to Itewon, which is a very popular place for tourists and locals to hangout and have fun. There were different responses and reactions. My favorite was where people mentioned that there is nothing wrong at being single. I wonder if it is right or wrong. Since we are social animals not feeling lonely could be a sign of isolation from the society.
Anyways, I wonder what do you guys have to say about it. What is your advice for all the single people on this Valentine’s Day? May be you could also share an experience, about how you overcame it. I would really appreciate if married people or more experienced people could participate in this discussion to help the young ones, or the ones who have never dated before and still single. I would also appreciate if you have any other suggestions or comments or any other topic that you would like me to cover.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. There is a saying, love shared is love doubled. Let us keep sharing love.