Last week we have visited Haslla Art world 하슬라아트월드. It is a modern art gallery with a huge park and even a hotel included! There is also a cafe outside, where you can take a rest between your hikes and enjoy the beautiful nature of Gangneung city, which is actually one of our favorite travel destination in Korea, no matter which season it is!
The entrance fee is 10,000 Korean Won per person, but if you are staying at a hotel entrance to all of the facilities is free of charge. As we personally decided to visit only for a few hours, we just bought entrance tickets and to be honest – I think the price is reasonable for the place this big. It took us around 3 to 4 hours to look around, but I feel like there is, even more, to see if you decide to extend your visit for a longer time. They also have a restaurant on the first floor, for those who get hungry during their visit and decide to stay for a meal.
Along with the mail art gallery and changing exhibitions, there is also a Pinocchio museum, which is often being called a highlight of the whole place as it is one of the most exciting parts. In order to enter, you need to pass the long tunnel, which resembles the belly of a whale, just as it appears in the story of Pinocchio. Inside the museum, there are many wooden-boy related exhibits, as well as a huge collection of various marionette dolls. Some of them start to move as soon as you approach them, and for those who are horror genre fans, it might look even a bit creepy.
Last part is the garden, which is not only spacious, but breathes nature as it is supposed to. The smell of pine trees, the sound of the birds and a beautiful ocean view – it was really a healing trip! I guess I am naturally more excited in the outdoors.
We also took our drone there and managed to some gorgeous bird-view shots of the place.
Hopefully, you can enjoy it as much, as we did ^^