This week, I decided to roll out another vlog for you guys of my life as a university student. As a student, I don’t really do a lot of interesting things in a day so you guys are getting one week. This week, I had a lot of stuff to get done so it was nice to film something other than me just studying at home all the time… But you do get me studying at a cafe. The cafe we went to was a really nice cafe because it was designed to look a bit old fashion. They had a lot of interesting old toys and books decorating the walls. Their drinks and food were also really good. I would recommend it if you are in the downtown area.
I also wanted to show you guys how amazing my poetry class is. Thankfully I have one teacher who doesn’t just teach in the normal way that all teachers here teach. He really thinks outside of the box for us to truly understand the poems that we are reading. This week he had us paint a picture and explain what it meant. It is really a wonderful class. He really keeps his classes interest.
The last thing I was super excited about this week was starting a small job of working on the radio. I got invited by my friend Baha to join as a regular guest at the local english radio station here in Gwangju. I am on the afternoon show with JD and it is really a wonderful experience and I promise to talk more about it in a future episode.
This is just a normal week at university for me. I hope you enjoy the video and see you next time. Thanks guys~