Wow! This is my third video in one week! I normally don’t post this many videos in a week, however I had some deadlines to meet and got these out fairly quickly. In this video I made an “unboxing” video of sorts. I recently got Bandai’s Boba Fett and thought it would make a fun video.

If you are not familiar with Bandai, they make models, mostly for animation but they also have a Star Wars series. I have made a few in the past and when I saw Boba Fett, I knew I had to get him. For those who don’t know who Boba Fett is, he is a character from Star Wars. Even thought he wasn’t in the films for long, he has become one of the most iconic characters in the franchise. He is a bounty hunter and from the first time he showed up on the big screen, fans fell in love with him.

Fun fact: He actually appeared in a Star Wars animation before he appeared in the films. There was a Star Wars holiday special that came out and he was actually trying to help Luke. I don’t think it is canon, but it is just interesting to me.

In the video, I show you what’s in the box and a little time-lapse of me putting it together. After it’s all done, I show you the completed product and give a quick review on the character. Even though I finished putting it together, I still need to paint it to make it look more like the film version. Once I do that, I’ll post a photo on my Instagram. So, if you want to see the final version, you will have to check that out as well. Until next time, cheers!