Last autum we were contacted by Nancy (Youtube name Fancy Nancy TV) and she suggested us to work on a short film project together. We were really thankfull for her approach and decided to work on it in no time.

In the run of about three months,we have filmed a short movie called “For Twenty Year Olds Who Have Never Been Loved”, which is based on the writting of the same name by Meggie Royer.

Since our channel is mostly Korean-language based, we made the Korean (Male) version for out channel, and English (Female) version on Nancy’s channel.

The video tells a story of a person, who have just turned twenty. They have never been in a relationship before, so they feel misserable and angry at themselves, thinking they are not good enough. Therefore, the story teaches you otwerwise.

This is a message for everyone, who have not found their other half yet. You are not stupid, you are not ugly and you are not unwanted. You nust did not have a chance to meet someone, who is your other half. Keep your eyes open, stay positive and you will meet them in no time! 🙂

This project would be possible without our Youtube friends: Fancy Nancy TV, 유난Unan, 외국인코리아WaegukinKorea, Dingtube Kwon Yoojin and Hugh from MyKoreanHusband.
It was not only Youtubers who joined. There were some friends, who don’t do Youtube, but were kind enough to help: Severija and Han Yohan, Pedro Avellar, Kim Yoojin and Natalie Gladden. Thanks everyone! We would make it happen thanks to you!

Even though it was first project like that, we hope to make something similar in the future as well! For now, we are leaving with the promise to improve for the future projects!

And make sure to watch both versions! Link to Nancy’s video is in our video description!

Thank you for watching! Stay warm in this cold winter!