Baby eating watermelon for the first time!

On his ‘Korean Appa’ channel Hugh is showing these small moments with our son Yul Teddy.
Yul is trying all types of different food now that he can eat and this was the first time trying watermelon. Watermelon is in season in Korea at the moment. People even drive around in trucks selling them. Hugh heard the watermelon truck and ran out to buy one. We thought it was a good time to introduce Yul to some watermelon.
Yul has about 4 teeth at the moment, but we still need to be careful that he doesn’t choke. We have a little thing that helps him eat food that he may choke on, it has a handle and the food is put in the mesh bag. He can suck the food through the mesh.
He is always a bit hesitant when trying new food but he seemed to like watermelon a lot. It’s probably the sweetest thing he has eaten so far!
He’ll be able to eat a lot of watermelon through the summer. Hugh will show more moments like this on his ‘Korean Appa’ channel. If you didn’t know, “Appa” means father or daddy in Korean. Hugh is showing what it’s like to be a father in Korea and also wants to encourage more fathers to spend more time with their children. We also didn’t want to spam our MKH YouTube channel with too much little baby stuff. So subscribe to ‘Korean Appa’ for more cute baby stuff!