Surfing in Korea

Yes. You read that right. Surfing in Korea!

And yea…sometimes, the waves aren’t so big. That’s alright^^

Marco from Seoul Mafia and I decided to try surfing at the beach called Songjeong in Busan. It’s really a great place in Busan to avoid some of the crowds that you’ll find at Haeundae or Gwangan Beach. We got some decent coaching from one of the surf instructors at the local surf shop, and they even fit us with some full body suits – which I heard are great when you try and catch those larger winter waves!

Korea isn’t necessarily known as being a surfing hot spot, but it’s a great place to get a start. Beginner level waves can be found in lots of different places, and Songjeong is one of those beaches where you can learn to ride the waves. Later on, you can move onto the waves of Jeju, Yangyang, or Pohang when you’re ready to advance.

Shout out to the Arirang TV crew that followed us out there ~ without them, none of this would have been possible. With this particular shoot, we really needed the extra cameras to help us out.
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Cheers, and have a great weekend everyone!

~ Alex ~