Hey everyone!

Alex and Cameron are back filming with the Arirang TV film crew while they try Korean hangover cures! Sounds delicious, right?

Wrong…well, sort of. It wasn’t bad, but this Korean hangover soup – 해장국 – was supposed to be the “famous” one in Seoul. It had parts of the stomach I didn’t even know you could eat. If you really want something that feels “Korean” – in the sense that’s probably closer to what the older generation likes to eat – then I would definitely recommend this place…at least once.

The place we went to was called 유명국 (Yoo Myung Gook). It is near Sinsa station near exit 5. I’ll put a link to Google maps here.

Alex Sigrist works in media full time in Korean radio and TV. He’s been here for 8 years doing pretty anything that requires him to put himself in awkward situations for other people’s enjoyment. He produces and hosts his own show at TBS eFM – check out his show called “Line Six” everyday on the TBS app from 6pm to 8pm. He’s on the EBS fm radio show called “Morning Special” (8am-9am) every Wednesday (Travel Corner) and Saturday (talking life). You can also see him on the 10:30am Arirang TV program called “Globetrotters” every Friday – that’s the show where the film crew is from.

And don’t forget to find his YouTube channel – 미국친구 Michin Alex – and his Instagram (also michinalex) to see what he does in his daily life in Korea.

Cameron is a grad student and part-time actor and model in Seoul. Wanna find out what awesome stuff he gets into? Check out his Instagram: cameron.word

Get out there and enjoy some funky hangover cures today! And let me know how your felt about this one