Hey guys! In this episode of TKT Tasty Korean Trends my friends and I get together to film, I guess, a TRT Tasty Ramen Treats. Normally I do trendy foods here in Korea but my friends wanted to film a video about different kinds of ramen from different parts of the world. We had a few from Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and of course Korea. Let me warn you. DON’T DO THIS AT HOME. Eating a ton of ramen is just going to make you feel bad. Like you did something bad and the aftermath is your punishment. Anyways, we started out great with a mini bowl of instant soba from Japan. Immediately we thought the same thing, “This taste like Japan.” The broth had a nice clean clear taste and the soba noodles weren’t too bad, of course not as good as fresh soba noodles. Next, we had the tomato ramen, one of my favorites. I had never had this one before but I really enjoyed it. My friends said it taste like alphabet soup with an Asian twist to it. Coming up on our third cup of ramen we had the pleaser of tasting “Gashio” another Japanese style ramen. This one was probably the best in overall quality. The noodles didn’t taste cheap and the broth didn’t make you feel like you just ate a spoon full of MSG. However, I didn’t enjoy the flavor as much. Moving on to the next cup of ramen. The Noodle Pot from, we have no idea where this was made. A friend had gotten it when she went back home for summer vacation. I’m going to have to say it was the worse one out of all the ramen we had. The noodles were short, the broth was oddly thick and the flavor was just bad. But apparently this is traditional university student food back in England. Bu’why? Anyways, we tried about a dozen different kinds of ramen so please check out the rest of them and let us know what kinds of ramen you like.