What’s up Weavers!

So an interesting – albeit disappointing – thing happened this weekend.

After making the call to travel to Vietnam this summer Yoonie and I were abruptly alerted to just how clueless we can be sometimes. Where on earth did we get the idea that we could start planning a trip out of the country for the last week of July at this point in the year?

Sure it’d be okay in normal circumstances but summer is peak travel season in Korea. Any efforts to plan a last minute trip would turn out to be extremely costly if not impossible.

The end result? Trip’s cancelled.

Don’t worry about us though. We’re planning something here in country that will also be more expensive because of the time frame. Maybe I’ll finally get to go to Jeju or maybe we’ll hang out at a pension. There’s always glamping too.

Either way, I want to get out and do SOMETHING this summer soo…

We’ve also not given up on the trip to Vietnam. We’ll just have to take the trip during the offseason to avoid paying nearly twice the amount a trip like the one we were planning would normally cost.

Wondering why we couldn’t get thing worked out for the trip at the end of July? I go into more detail on today’s episode of my still to be named vlog series on the Seoulweaver YouTube Channel.

Check it out and let me know what you think. And be sure to share with anyone you know who likes to go home or travel during the summer. They’ll need a heads up to plan ahead.