Currently, vlogging my adventures down in Busan for BIFF and sharing my life with people back home in the US who don’t really know much about life in Korea or much about what I do. As an American girl in Korea, there are a lot of challenges I face, but also a lot more fun to be had. What I’m noticing is that I’m not surprised by the things that are happening to me as they’re always talked about by other YTers, but it certainly is different when I experience them myself! I love learning Korean, so the daily interactions are a joy for me. And, as a generally itinerant person, I love traveling. So far in my stay I’ve been to Seoul and Busan, but hope to visit many more places. I love following the adventures of other YTers as they exploring the peninsula, but also Asia and the world.

A little bit about me: I am a writer and I love Korean drama, film, and, of course, music. I am also a trained classical cellist who loves to branch out to other genres. Mostly, I love connecting with people over similarities and I hope to find like-minded folks in the YouTube community. Traveling is an adventure. I may also vlog a few reactions to current dramas if one moves me to words long enough to be documented. This channel is still being shaped and molded and any feed back would be very much appreciated. Onward to more adventures. Thank you!