Hey friends, I hope you are all having a great week. This week on Arirang’s I Culture U, we discussed travel and etiquette while traveling. This week was especially fun as we had a guess who just happens to be traveling in Korea. Mark, a friend of mine, landed in Korea Sunday the day before our show and when we got to the studio, he was asked if he would like to join in the discussion. He bravely said yes and we all had a lot of fun chatting about our own experiences while traveling.

We touched on some of the things you should or shouldn’t do while visiting other countries. We talked about tipping in America as well as some of the differences between the northern and southern parts of America as Mark is from the north and I am from the south. It was cool to be able to share with everyone just how different the areas can be from different points of views.

We also discussed how we prepare for trips. Some take packaged trips while others try to find their way on their own. I personally don’t take packaged trips as I want to be able to visit the places I want and do the things I would like to do. I also don’t like being rushed as I have heard many packaged trips tend to rush people as well as have them spend more time at shopping centers rather than sightseeing.

How do you travel? What do you do to prepare for a trip?