Hey guys! Latest video! So I took a trip to Donghae, via Gangneung. I have never been to either before and with this amazing weather we have had lately, I wanted to visit a beach! I had always wanted to ride a KTX so it seemed like a great idea. As I love to do, I planned nothing, did no research and just packed a bag and went for it, I love the challenge of traveling when its not easy and unplanned.

I took the subway to Seoul Station and managed to find the KTX departures with ease, buying a ticket was suprisingly easy, what I didn’t realise is that I bought the ticket with less than 10 minutes until the train departed, it was a mad-rush to find the train and platform and I Juuuuuuust made it!

Arriving in Gangneung I then had to find a way to get a bus to Donghae – I had never taken the bus before and expected this to be a challenge. Again, suprisingly the process was fast and easy and I was on my way!
Arriving in Donghae I just needed to find a hotel and I was set, I stumbled across a street of hotels and found an awesome room at a great price.

With it only being midday, it was time to grab a bite to eat and hit the nearby beach, I am from Australia and miss going to the beach on hot days, this was by far my favourite thing I have done since arriving in Korea!
Thanks for watching!