Part 2 of our honeymoon adventure! We were having a hard time to decide what to do because there are so many amazing day tours from Phuket! However, my need to see monkey’s won and we went to Phang Nga! Our first stop was to bath an elephant haha which was pretty surreal. I was so worried he would accidentally step on my foot in the water D: so I was low key panicking the entire time! I was told it was a sanctuary but I got the vibe that it wasn’t when I went there! I have to do better research for my next trip -_-. Unfortunately, we also were not told the name of the place so I can’t research into it either. Afterwards we went white water rafting! It is something I always wanted to do :D, but in Canada it is a little bit too expensive, so I am glad I could do it here. The lunch after was really delicious as well and we met some really cool people from around the world. Then we had a mini zipline experience and headed to the highlight of the trip… a MONKEY TEMPLE! I didn’t know how much I love monkeys until I went there. I literally fell in love… and now have an obsession with monkeys…. they are super cute. The temple was really beautiful! I wish I had video taped it in more detail! Overall this day trip was amazing and I highly recommend people traveling to Thailand to check out Phang Nga :)!! Very mountain filled and beautiful!

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P.S in the next video me and my husband get stranded on an island lol and almost die! Stay tuned haha