Hello :D!!!! Happy August! It is crazy hot and humid right now in Korea x.x. Me and Jay decided to take a trip to Gangneung in Gangwondo! Gangwondo is the east part of Korea that is famous for beautiful mountains and the east sea! I was craving the ocean since we are now in the middle of the hottest season. Most people travel to Seokcho but I really wanted to check out Gangneung. Gangneung is famous for coffee :). They have a large coffee street that overlooks the ocean, as well as a nice hotel (the Sea Marq) that has an unreal view. You can also experience water sports like parasailing, tube riding and more. The first night we stayed at a Korean spa that had natural hot spring water and the next day we spent by the ocean. We briefly went into town to check out the beer brewery. In total we spent around $300 on this trip including two bus tickets, lotsss of food, tube riding, taxi rides, accommodation, and some fancy pants coffee (Sea Marq). The trip could have been much cheaper but we decided to not hold back too much once we were there! Usually you can find really cheap pensions by the sea, but August and the end of July are peak travel seasons in Korea, so all the prices get inflated D:! I recommend to try and aim your vacation in June or September to get the cheapest prices while still having some warm weather. Thanks for watching ^^