A little while ago we made a video about Hugh’s health transformation. We didn’t expect such a huge response to the video, or for international media to pick up the story. I think Hugh counted about 70 articles about him from around the world. Such an amazing response!

Many of the articles are of course in other languages, so besides from English and Korean, we can’t really read them. Some friends translating a few but mostly we are relying on Google Translate.

Unfortunately, Google Translate is not always that great at translating! Some of the article headings end up sounding quite weird! So in this video we translate some of the article titles to see how bizarre they are.

In western countries the articles tended to focus on the story of IVF and trying to have a baby and how Hugh saw how difficult it was for me. So to be supportive he got into shape which also improved our IVF chances. Then once I was pregnant he was determined to be a healthy and fit father. In Asian countries there tended to be a focus on how he looked after his transformation, because the change was quite dramatic.

Apparently the “fresh meat” saying that comes up is a saying in Chinese for attractive men, like Kpop stars, so that’s actually a compliment!

We had a good laugh over the translations and it does highlight how much automatic translating still needs to improve. Don’t rely on Google Translate!

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