In this video Silvia talks about her experience as a trainee for a Korean performance team. She also addresses some comments she found online regarding the popular show Produce 101. She found that a lot of the negative comments she saw stemmed from a lack of understanding of the Korean culture and how the entertainment business works. She tries to explain why she doesn’t get upset by how the trainees are seemingly treated and tells stories of her own trainee days.

She also points out the problem of people watching with subtitles and not understanding Korean, since usually the subtitles are in fact not perfect translations of the meaning behind the phrase in Korean. It’s usually just a literal translation of what was said without considering how the Korean language works. And, even though she does agree that the teachers can be very tough sometimes she also acknowledges that everyone in that room knew what they were getting themselves into when they first signed up to be in their respective company. Even if they are shown crying on TV it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t think it’s worth it in the end.

She also compares the Korean teachers to her old dance teacher from Sweden and concludes that in Sweden it’s ok to not be the best at what you do, it’s more important to have fun, right? While in Korea, people (especially in the entertainment business) tend to strive for perfection no matter what. Personal needs are seen as secondary to the group as a whole. It’s an “we’re all in this together” type of attitude.

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