North and South Korea’s summit finally happened a few days ago, and many people have been saying lots of things about it, and although I understand where all the skepticism is coming from and it is true that we shouldn’t rush to assume anything, I truly believe this was a successful summit, and it deserves to be marked a historic moment not just for two Koreas but for the world because it is a major step toward world peace. And I’ve never been this proud as a Korean for what Korea has achieved. It was overwhelmingly joyful and heart-warming at the same time. Everyone was also shocked by Kim Jong Un’s totally different action and approach. Kim Jong Un’s miraculous transformation was unimaginable just last year. He was a terrible dictator who not only isolates his own country and his people but also himself. He never, at least not officially, went to visit other countries to talk with the leaders, he was never willing to speak about peace in the international spotlight, and he was never yielding. He was a stubborn, terrible leader who did not seem to care about his people starving, unfairly treated, or even being persecuted. What exactly brought about change in him? In this video, I share my opinion on him and inter-Korean summit. What do you think about North Korean leader Kim Jongun? How has my video (or the summit) changed the way you see him? What are your thoughts on surprisingly and impressively drastic changes he’s shown at the summit? Do you agree that the summit was a successful landmark in promoting peace not only for the Korean peninsula but also worldwide? What do you think about reunification of two Koreas? Feel free to share your impression on him and the summit