“Thing that guys do not understand about girls” was the topic of my new street interviews held in Itaewon, Seoul South Korea. Different questions were asked by guys. For example, why do girls go to bathroom together? Why do they wear lipstick before eating food? Why do they get angry without telling the reason? My personal question is, why do girls end up eating my food instead of what they have ordered? To know the instant answers I also asked girls regarding the questions raised by guys. Girls came up with different answers and some of them and no idea because they said even being girl they have no idea why do they do certain things. To the questions mentioned above, girls said they go to bathroom because they are scared etc. Wearing lipstick before eating was to take pictures, and they get angry and don’t tell their partners because they want them to know without telling.

The highlight of these interview was, Hong Seok-Cheon appeared on this video. Since he has many resturants in Itaewon, he was visiting one of them and I get to meet him. I thought he might refused because he seemed busy but very humble person. I had a great impression of him. Respect.

I would appreciate if you are a girl reading this article, and I assume you might also end up watching this video, please answer one of the questions that guys raised in the video. Plus if you are a guy what other questions that you have that you would like to ask. Thanks!