I’ve been meaning to make this video for a while and needed to get this off of my chest. Why did I move to Korea? Am I ashamed of being half-black? I wanted to address these questions just so that I could not only share why I moved, but also address some of the comments I receive from time to time about me focusing only on showing Korean culture on my channel versus splitting my focus with Black culture.

Now, there are many reasons why I decided to create a channel that’s focused on Korean content and culture. One the reasons is that I knew that I would be moving to Korea (which at the time of me starting the channel, I was living in the United States). Practically speaking, a YouTube channel grows best when you focus on a specific niche. So I decided my niche would be in Korean culture, which makes sense because I live here. Also, I have been heavily influenced by Korean culture through my mom playing a big role in influencing me with her culture. This isn’t to say that I wasn’t influenced by “black culture,” especially growing up, but having a channel about Korean culture was a way for me to express my experiences with my Korean side as well produce content that I’m comfortable with.

In the video, I go into more detail regarding this issue. Also, I really don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation for why I do what I do and why I feel the way I do. Not at all. But I felt this video would give viewers an opportunity to learn more about my motivations as well as educated others about what many mixed-race or multi-cultural individuals go through!